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Hybrids! Mobility at the touch of a button. Albuquerque Hybrid a service of Jim's Automotive. Jim Maddox
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Albuquerque Hybrid Repair and Maintenance

Albuquerque Hybrids is is a division of Jim's Automotive inc. We have been devoted to excellence since 1976 and have built a solid reputation for providing quality automotive service and repairs. Jim's has specialized in keeping up with technological automotive advancements. We specialize in Hybrid cars and we are the only shop in New Mexico that is ACDC Master Hybrid Auto Tech certified.

You have found the home of Albuquerque's first and only independent automotive repair facility to specialize in the repair and servicing of your Toyota Hybrid vehicle.

Jim's is AAA approved, a Bosch Authorized Car Service Center and a NAPA AutoCare Car center.

Why choose Jim's for your auto care?

Because we strive to be the best! We have been devoted to excellence in diagnosis and repair since 1976. Our team of veteran professional technicians (what we used to call “auto mechanics”) work hand in hand with our experienced customer care team to ensure that you drive your vehicle out of our shop with a positive repair experience. Each employee provides an essential part of a "Teamwork" environment resulting in high quality repairs and satisfied customers. Utilizing "State of the art Hi-Tech" equipment, tools and technology, along with regular training, consistent reading of work and job-related materials; our employees are leaders in the automotive industry. Good disciplined communication that shares knowledge and experience between the whole staff is mandatory in our work environment, creating a productive team of professionals to assist you with your automotive needs.

 Prius battery with group of hybrid technicians

We also have one of the most knowledgeable automotive experts in the area. Jim has been sharing his comprehensive understanding of automobiles with people like you and with other shop owners through the Automotive Service Association of Central New Mexico.

We employ one of the most compassionate, concerned, and detail-oriented customer service teams in the automotive service industry. We also operate one of the cleanest shops you will ever see, which results in a clean experience for you and your car. We want your repair or maintenance to lead to a satisfying and lasting relationship with trusted friends. And we always would like to hear from you, whether it’s to tell us what we’ve done right or to let us know where we can improve.

Call us today at 505-256-1531 to schedule an appointment for the best in automotive care.
Thoughts about hybrid cars:
Do I think that hybrids are the answer for the world's energy problems? Simply and emphatically, No. We have a long way to go however hybrids are a step in the right direction. Research proves: hybrids aren't a load of bull. They save more energy than non-hybrids and they are fun to drive. There's a lot of misinformation circulating around out there about hybrids, but hopefully with time people will learn that hybrids do help the environment and your pocket.

Low Resistance Tires
Want to save fuel? Purchase a Hybrid or Toyota Prius and get as much as 50 miles per gallon, or you could change the tires on your current car and get five percent or more in better fuel economy. The key is low-rolling-resistance (LRR) tires, which are standard equipment on hybrid and electric cars, but rarely make it onto the average cars that most of us drive. The Department of Energy says 5 to 15% of fuel economy is used for overcoming rolling resistance. This is what Dot says; “Rolling resistance is fundamentally the parasitic energy a tire consumes while rolling under load. The phenomenon is quite complex, and nearly all operating conditions can affect the final outcome. It is estimated that 5%-15% of light-duty fuel consumption is used to overcome rolling resistance for passenger cars. For heavy trucks, this quantity can be as high as 15%-30%”

Myths still surround hybrid cars, so for that reason alone it is imperative to separate them from the facts. From the need for wall sockets to the inconvenience of fuel cells, the fact that there is so much negative gossip about hybrids is proof they are doing something right. People often have a hard time accepting change, especially when it involves something as sacred as what they think about automobiles. America has evolved around the car through the entirety of the last century, so it is understandable that many misconceptions about hybrids still exist.

5 Hybrid Myths
Myth One: Hybrids Require expensive battery packs
Fact: Modern hybrids use a system known as regenerative charging. Every time you apply the brake on your hybrid, the gas engine transfers a portion of electrical power back into the battery, thereby automatically recharging the battery. By keeping it charged between 40 and 60 percent of its maximum capability, hybrid batteries enjoy a long life, one that is guaranteed by some manufacturers up to 100,000 miles. Yes they will someday need servicing but they are not failing at the rate the nay sayers predicted.

Myth Two: Hybrids Have No Power.

Fact: The performance level of hybrids is impressive. New technology allows many of the same attributes of high-powered vehicles to be applied in hybrids. The Lexus GS 450h has more than 300 horsepower and can beat many gas powered vehicles in a 0 to 60 road test. Just because hybrids are known for their fuel efficiency does not mean they are underpowered. The Prius will chirp tires.

Myth Three: Hybrids are Cost Prohibitive.
Fact: The Toyota Prius starts at about $22,000--same with the Honda Civic hybrid. It is true that hybrids can cost as much as $100,000 or more, but nobody seems to make the same complaint against gas powered cars even though a Ferrari might set you back $500,000. Like many of the myths surrounding hybrids, this is one that is completely unfounded and based more on fear of systemic change than on fact. Electric vehicles is another story.

Myth Four: Hybrids are the Cars of Bleeding Heart Liberals.
Fact: Although branded with the stigma that hybrids or other AFVs were solely the possession of left-leaning, liberal-minded consumers, the truth simply proves this to be another false claim made on the basis of prejudice and fear of the new. While purchasers of hybrids may have primarily been liberals in the beginning, as the facts become known and the benefits praised highly, conservative drivers have jumped on board the hybrid bandwagon, as have auto workers, both of whom realize that fuel efficiency trumps simplistic bias any day.

Myth Five: Hybrids are the Cure-all for Foreign Oil Dependency.
The fact is that hybrids, although they present a clear alternative to over-consumption of fossil fuels, do not solve all of America's problems when it comes to foreign oil however it is a great start!
The myths surrounding hybrids are slowly being erased, but as with much misinformation, it has a tendency to spread faster than the truth. The good thing about the facts, though, is that they will come out no matter how long it takes. As more people learn the truths are about hybrids, it will catch on.

Call us today at 505-256-1531 to experience the best in automotive care.

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